Dueling Photographers

It doesn't get much better than cameras and coffee. I’m sure my friend Erlingur agrees.

It was Sunday. We met at Grace Street Coffee, in Georgetown after I went on a 20 minute quest looping around Whitehurst Freeway, Wisconsin Ave, and M Street for a parking space. I eventually parked in a spot by the Potomac River on Whitehurt Freeway. It probably wasn't a legitimate parking space, but hey - I didn't get towed. All's well that ends well, right? (Side note: I’ll take your DC parking tips.)

We grabbed a couple of small stools opposing some kind of a reclaimed wood coffee table. The full windows to my left, Erlingur's right, flooded the space with natural soft light. We threw back a couple cortados, compared metal Leicas to plastic Canons, and I grumbled about Tom Brady being too good and therefore should just retire.

We snapped some pictures inside Grace Street Coffee, downed a couple more cortados, then headed outside. Just out the door and to the left is the steep road Cecil Place. In between dodging traffic, we stood in the center of the street. It was high noon. A tumbleweed skittered across the street. People stopped and stared. We looked through the viewfinders of our cameras and shot. Dueling photographers.

I ended up with these shots. It doesn't get much better than cameras, coffee, and friends.