Mars out West

I wonder how it feels to feel the jadedness of others? 

That crosses my mind nearly every time I travel somewhere. A cynical thought. 

This past fall I had my mind blown by the scenery of Utah and Arizona. I have also never been so damn unsure of the time. (Arizona does not observe daylight savings time, except in the Navajo Nation. You quickly gain or lose an hour in some areas.)

How anyone could get used to the scenery; thinking nothing of life on Mars?

The rock formations of Arches stand proudly, only to succumb to the effects of weather and gravity. Epic in their decomposition. The hierarchy of nature reigns in Arches, as it does in the Antelope Canyons. Innocuous water not so innocuously rips through the slot canyons, leaving for us nature’s way of giving back for all that it inevitably takes: beauty. 

I’m just trying to remember how incredible our planet is.