My First Trip to Iceland - Photography & Thoughts

During my first trip to Iceland, I kept thinking about what the settlers would have felt. Would they have felt that their universe was filled with fickle omnipotence? Or would it have been thoughts of synergy? (I have no knowledge of Icelandic mythology, which makes this all the more fun.) 

I think the universe is indifferent. Though the sparkle of magic in Iceland is all around to be seen, unlike anywhere else I've visited. Crystal blue water crashes down from cliffs, pummeling the earth relentlessly. Glaciers seemingly grow out of moss to just disappear into the sky. The grey waves of the Atlantic break in total discourse as rain bullets down at a 45 degree angle, as a reminder of our absolute frailty... 

And the kindness of Icelanders.

Maybe that kindness grew long ago, out of the wonder and power of Iceland. A power that reminds us of what we have control over, and what we don’t. 

Maybe it’s synergy after all.