The Silver Lining of Missed Cycling

I spent most of 2015 off my bike; it was a bad year cycling. Although a silver lining emerged from the hiatus. By spending time away, I found what matters - and doesn’t matter - to me. I don’t want to train for racing. I don’t care about which manufacturer is building the new, “next best thing.” Gels are disgusting. I won’t eat them.

I don't always stop for the photographs.

Cycling mellows me. It puts me at ease and makes me more patient. It provides an intimate way to explore.

Absence led to this, sort of, enlightenment. 

Part of my cycling renaissance is to photograph the interesting things I see during my rides. Approaching the old roads with a fresh perspective has granted me the opportunity to document the idiosyncrasies of the the roads I ride. To turn left instead of the usual right. To stop when I feel like stopping and take a photo.

As the year progresses, I’ll continue to post the things that strike me along my rides. All shot on an iPhone 6. Follow me on Instagram @davementzer to check it out along the way.