Travel Photography - New Castle, IN

New Castle, Indiana isn't exotic or popularized on Instagram.

It's sort of... Americana passed by.

Once home to a significant Chrysler plant, post-war New Castle was bustling. A town seemingly built by the automotive plant, in fact, was. As the plant downsized and cut jobs, the effects on New Castle were real and significant. Side walks buckled and were consumed by greenery. The downtown area diseased like most old small towns, with empty buildings, seemingly quarantined from occupation. 

Nevertheless, New Castle seems to be on the rise. However slow, the downtown is becoming refreshed, which is especially stunning when the early 20th century charm is maintained. 

If you are traveling to or through New Castle, make sure you stop at the Early Bird Diner and sit by the cook. Watching him cook is as good as the food (which is excellent - go for the Mickey Mouse pancakes!)

I'm fortunate enough to have two very good friends with one awesome dog that live in New Castle. If they moved, I'd miss that pulse of Americana that flows through New Castle.